Name Location
Technical Inspection of Vehicles at CTM Vallecas (Madrid, Spain)
Technical Inspection of Vehicles in Leganés Leganés Technological Park, Leganés (Madrid, Spain)
Technical Inspection of Vehicles in Majadahonda El Carralero Industrial Park, Majadahonda (Madrid, Spain)
Warehouse for ‘Buenabuelo’ Bakery (Seville, Spain) Los Llanos Industrial Park, Salteras
Headquarters of the company Prodiel Carretera de la Isla Industrial Park, Dos Hermanas (Seville, Spain)

 Public Works


Name Location
Rotasol Energy Rota (Cadiz, Spain)
PROSUN – DESSOL (PRODIEL) Santa Amalia (Badajoz, Spain)
Zorita Solar 20 Zorita, Salamanca, Spain (Zorita Solar 20 SL)
Renovables del Condado Almonte (Huelva, Spain)
Expansion of Renovables del Condado Almonte (Huelva, Spain)


Name Location
Abutale Group Bakery Calle Puerto del Escudo, Seville (Spain)
Abutale Group Bakery Sevilla Este, Seville (Spain)
Abutale Group Bakery Calle Venecia 10, Seville (Spain)
Abutale Group Bakery ‘Su Eminencia’ Neighbourhood, Seville (Spain)
Abutale Group Bakery Calle Carretera de Carmona (on the corner of Francisco de Ariño), Seville (Spain)
Abutale Group Bakery Calle Cruz Roja, Seville (Spain)
Abutale Group Bakery Pino Montano, Seville (Spain)
Abutale Group Bakery Los Palacios, Seville (Spain)
Abutale Group Bakery Plaza de la Alfalfa, Seville (Spain)
Abutale Group Bakery Avenida de la Aeronáutica, Seville (Spain)

Building Construction and Remodelling

Name Location
Single-family home Calle Blas Grajera 4, Villaverde del Rio (Seville, Spain)
Single-family home Calle Llantén 1, Montequinto (Seville, Spain)
Single-family home Calle Polvillo 71, Villaverde del Rio (Seville, Spain)
Home remodelling Calle Gravina (Seville, Spain)
Single-family home Calle Gestoso 15, Alcalá de Guadaira (Seville, Spain)
Home remodelling Calle de En Medio 30, Villaverde del Río (Seville, Spain)
Office building remodelling Paseo Colón 20, Seville (Spain)

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