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Sunfollow is a horizontal axis solar tracker that, using a precise tracking system developed by Tentusol, achieves optimum orientation of the collection area at all times, increasing its efficiency in comparison with conventional fixed systems.

Sunfollow is characterised and distinguished by:

  • Easy of assembly: Few components, light weight, weld-free assembly without the need to cut parts; all elements are connected using bolts.
  • Strength and durability. Highly resistant structure, calculated using advanced finite element programmes and subjected to all types of materials testing by our engineers.
  • Maintenance-free mobile parts. Created using state-of-the-art industrial plastics. No lubrication or programmed adjustments required for any type of use.
  • Advanced control system with the capacity for total remote control and for integration with the rest of the parameters of the solar park.


It Adapts to the terrain:

  • Its mechanical and structural design allows the SF to be highly adaptable to terrain unevenness, thus reducing the costs of land clearing and levelling and directly minimising the cost of soil movements.
  • This piece (BJ®, Ball Joint) allows for adaptability to uneven ground (up to a 30% gradient) and enables rotation for solar tracking.
  • BJ® is made from high-tech plastic materials that minimise friction and eliminate the need for lubrication.

Quick and easy assembly:

  • Ample assembly margins – high precision not required for alignments.
  • The lightweight design of its materials makes manual installation easy without the need for machinery.
  • Its reduced number of necessary pieces simplifies assembly, meaning that assembly operators do not need to employ high levels of technology.
  • The combination of all of the factors mentioned above makes it possible to achieve an assembly ratio of less than 350 man hours per MW installed.

Savings on direct current wiring:

  • Its careful design integrates all wiring connections in the interior of the structure, thus translating to significant savings on trench excavations.
  • High connectivity on the ends of the rows of trackers which are ready to receive the connection boxes or string inverter.

Hassle-free operability high reliability:

  • Working height is less than 1.5 metres when in the stow position.
  • The mobile pieces do not require any type of lubrication.
  • Maintenance work simply involves inspecting the linear actuator-motor assembly.
  • Technical specifications designed specifically to reduce the need for operation and maintenance (O&M) as much as possible.

Centralised control system:

  • SCADA design developed specifically for TENTUSOL.
  • Based on the HMI system, it has all of the capacities for the control and supervision of the events and processes that are involved when installation is carried out.
  • Complete remote operation of the equipment allows all types of actions to be carried out remotely, thus minimising and reducing the frequency of plant visits.
  • The SF includes an innovative system (BIT®, Back In Time) that continues to independently operate the movement of the tracker even in the event of a data network failure which prevents the SCADA system from being able to control remotely.
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WIireless communication system
Solar Pump

Electromechanical specifications and automatic device

Type of transmission Linear operation
Energy consumption 0.48 Kwh per day
Movement control Inclinometer (analogue)
Monitoring and data source Real-time and remote control and communication using either a web application or Ethernet Modbus for integration into SCADA

General specifications

Type of solar tracker PV Tracker on a north-south horizontal axis
Solar tracker axis 1 axis polar aligned
Area tracked 70,2 m²
Motors per MWp 87 motors (with 320 W panel)
Tracker configuration 36 modules in vertical rows
Daily tracking ±45º
Installation 340 man hours/MW (light weight components, no machinery necessary)
Columns per MW 900 columns
Gradient tolerance Terrain slope of 30% tolerable to the north and south. Unlimited slope tolerable to the east and west.
Land area needed 1.33 hectares/MW

Safety and warranty


Wind resistance Up to 32 m/s (more resistant structures available upon request)
Warranty 10-year warranty on the structure
Codes and standards The Eurocodes



Sunfollow 1P 36 modules
Sunfollow 2L
40 modules
Sunfollow 3L
60 modules
Sunfollow 2P
80 modules

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