Tentusol focuses its activity on the quest for excellence through an efficient and effective management that, within a framework of contributing to sustainable development, allows us to reach our objectives, which are: the development of our products on the market, the quality of our products and services, the creation of value for all parties involved in our processes and with regard to environmental rights.


Sunfollow is a horizontal axis solar tracker that, using a precise tracking system developed by Tentusol, achieves optimum orientation of the collection area at all times, increasing its efficiency in comparison with conventional fixed systems.

cuadrito energias renovables

Tentusol is research, development and innovation in energy generation projects in the field of renewable energies. Tentusol is firmly committed to renewable energies as a business model, seeking to maximise the profitability of its clients’ investments while also helping to conserve and improve the environment.


The follower paragraph The Grand Challenges . Easy, Fast and Efficient

  • Reduction of land movement costs

  • Ball Joint® Technology ®

  • Quick and easy to assemble

  • Quality and environmental friendliness

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